Thanks for all the love!

Thanks for the kind words! We’ve been getting love from around the internet. I think one thing is clear–we’ve got to get back on the water! Who’s in for rebuilding? Let’s do this. If you’re down for rolling up your sleeves, or you magically have access to docking space and a mooring in Broad Channel, Queens or the Rockaways get in touch: ayen @, if you would like to give you can help us out here:

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You are the kindest!

The Boat for Singing Together + Awesome Without Borders!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have received a grant from the Awesome Without Borders chapter of the Awesome Foundation to help rebuild the Boat for Singing Together and get back on the water. The grant will help secure our spot at the new home we’re looking for. With many hands coming together to rebuild and support, we hope to turn the news of our marina closing due to Hurricane Sandy damage around. This is the first step. Thank you to Awesome Without Borders for your support!

Sunset Marina Closed due to Hurricane Damage: What should we do?


Dear friends, we’re very sad to report that Hurricane Sandy’s damage was so extensive to our wonderful home, the Sunset Marina in Broad Channel; that they will not be able to re-open this season. The financial losses were so steep that the marina won’t recover in just one season. Sunset is run by a wonderful family that opened their space to our community and graciously hosted us, it was the dream home that let us have so many magical evenings of sharing songs over the water. We’re looking for ways to help them now. If you are interested in working on fundraising projects for the marina we would love to talk with you. Maybe we have a big party? Or maybe you know someone who would want to support this worthy cause? Maybe you have the inside track at FEMA? Handy with carpentry? Please reach out! ayen @ If you would like to donate directly, we have an account set up here. Just let us know it’s for them.

The Boat for Singing Together: Update!

This is our favorite place to sing. Sadly, its home and some of our stuff got pretty badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy. But we are doing all we can to get back on the water this summer and help out our friends at our wonderful home in Broad Channel, Queens. Can you help? Get in touch at ayen @

Singalong in the Interference Archive!

Friday, February 22, 2013
8 – 10 pm
131 8th St., #4, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (2 blocks from F/G/R trains at 4th Ave./9th St.)

Join us for songs from the Interference Archive collection of movement media, and the voices and strings of A’yen Tran, Zeke Healy, Phil Andrews, and you. We’ll learn and sing some group songs, listen to some records, and enjoy the resonance of voices in movements.

Hacking the Free Seas: A’yen talks w/ Mare Liberum and Marie Lorenz @ Maker Faire Saturday

Image: Mare Liberum
Marie Lorenz, A’yen Tran and Stephan von Muehlen discuss their work as artists in NYC working on water-based projects that bring people beyond the water’s edge to experience their city from a radically different perspective.
COME VISIT US AT MAKER FAIRE!And check out Nick Normal’s blog post about the talkProject photo.

Saturday night! 9/15: The Final Singing of Summer with Don Friedman and Jenny Glenn!

Please join Don Friedman and Jenny Glenn to sing and float this Saturday at 7:00pm.
This will be our farewell event of the summer. Just after sunset we will ferry small groups of people from the dock to the boat as it sits at anchor in Jamaica Bay. Inside we’ll dangle our toes in the hole over the craft’s center and learn quiet, resonant songs, creating a harmonious group singing experience. No singing experience necessary.

Saturday 9/15, 7pm, free
7pm-12am (last group leaves the dock ~11:30)
Please RSVP to
Also check out the fb invite: 

64 W 10th Rd Broad Channel, Queens
(A train to Broad Channel)

Donate to The Boat for Singing Together so we can afford winter boat storage and do this next year!

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