The Boat for Singing Together

The Boat for Singing Together is handmade sculptural raft for people to gather and sing on. This summer we will hold a series of events for floating and singing. We are docked at Sunset Marina in Broad Channel Queens, here is a map to 64 W 10th Rd, Broad Channel, Queens, NY.  Check out our FB page here: Want emails when we do events? Sign up here:

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Being afloat disarms the visitor, creating a space for new experiences, especially in close proximity to the water’s surface. The substance of water, unlike land, is unowned and unregulated, while singing in groups creates a unique communal intimacy. The boat couples these experiences and hopes to evoke a sense of freedom in community. On late summer nights, we gather on the dock facing the bay and with our song draw the boat in. All are welcomed in small groups onto the boat to learn simple, resonant group song together over the water. I built the boat for singing together with friends. The vessel is built from old docks scavenged from Jamaica Bay, scrap wood from New York City, and trees from the Catskills region of New York. Completely enclosed by a canopy of saplings and fabric, an opening in the craft’s center over the water creates an intimate space for sharing song over water. The bow is crowned with a figurehead made by Haley Hughes. The boat was initially built as part of the 2011 Seaworthy show.

Check out our video here:

Impossibly enormous thanks to Abigail Chapin, Aly Perry, Caledonia Curry, Chess Venis, Connie Hockaday, David Bowers, Don Friedman, Emily Eagen, Emily + Tyler Drown, Eric Wright, Garrett Olinger, Georgia Muenster, Greg Mihalko, Ian Curry, Ian Oberholtzer, Jaclyn Alexander, Jaime Iglehart, Jana Weaver, Jessica Spiegel, Katrina Anderson, Kunji Rey, Laura Macmillian, Laurel Bell, Lily Chapin, Mariko Tanaka, Matt Borgmeyer, Monica-Lisa Mills, Porter Fox, Sara Reeske, Silvia Alba, Sonia Alexander, Stephan von Muehlen, Taylor Henzler, Tracy Gilman, Zach Mihalko, Gowanus Studio Space, Flux Factory, EFA Studios and Sunset Marina.

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